January 27, 2019

Canon PR500-R Professional Keynote Presenter

Canon PR500-R Professional Keynote Presenter

I have found the Canon PR500-R Professional Keynote Presenter to be just the right one to work with my Apple Keynote presentations.

I’ve tried a bunch and they don’t have the ‘blank screen’ function for Keynote. The ‘blank screen’ function only seems to work on Microsoft Power Point.

The Canon presenter allows me to blank the screen without having to do it through my laptop. Typically, I have to go to my laptop and press the ‘B’ button on my keyboard to blank my presentation. With this presenter I can do it seamlessly. I can blank and un-blank.

By going to my laptop, I break the flow of my presentation.

Let’s take a step back to give context.

Your question might be, “Why would you want a keynote presenter to blank your screen?”

In terms of professional speaking, your Power Point or Keynote presentation should be there to enhance your presentation. They’re not your presentation.

You should be the focal point and not the slides. So, when you are making a point, it is distracting to have the slide on all the time. This means that your audience is looking at the slide and not at you.

If you think about it … if you have your slides on the whole time, what’s the point of you standing in front of the audience? You may as well put narration into the presentation and leave it to run for the duration of the presentation.

Your audience comes to watch and hear you … not to see a slideshow.

Be it the Canon PR500-R Professional Keynote Presenter or whatever your preference is … make sure that you get one that can blank the screen. It will add to the professionalism and the flow of your keynote address.

If you have any other presenters that can blank both Power Point and Keynote slides, please share in the comment section below.

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