June 5, 2018

Getting lost is something we all do

Getting Lost By Inspirational Speaker, Pierre du Plessis

Getting lost is what we do. It happens to all of us.

That sinking feeling when you look up and realise that you have literally no clue where to go from here.

A friend of mine, Callie Roos, who uses tracking to teach life and business skills, taught me this lesson more than a decade ago:

When you are tracking a wild animal in the veld, you sometimes lose the trail. You look up, and it’s gone. Like it never existed. What do you do? It is profoundly simple actually, instead of racing forward faster in the hopes that you pick it up again, you merely turn around and go back to where you last knew you had the trail and adjust from there.


Today, or tomorrow, when you’re getting lost, stop and think when did I last have the trail? Then go back there.

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