Motivational speakers resources to help set you up for success

I’ve curated a bunch of motivational speaker resources to help you improve your professional speaking business.

I’ve been in the motivational speaking game for just over 20 years and have learned a couple of things in the more than 1 200 motivational keynote addresses and training sessions since 1998. 

The reality is that most ‘motivational speakers’ don’t make good money out of keynoting alone. 

Perhaps 5% of the worlds top motivational speakers survive and thrive off keynoting alone.

The reality is that most motivational speakers are dispensers of information that is useful to their target audiences.

So, the model I suggest you may consider following is one that I’ve adopted to a degree of success.

Namely, Brendon Buchard’s, The Millionaire Messenger.

He says that information entrepreneurs (that’s actually what we are as motivational speakers) should build their business on 6 pillars:

  1. Keynote
  2. Workshops/Training
  3. Books
  4. Coaching
  5. Consulting
  6. Products

So, my suggestion is for you to get The Millionaire Messenger and use it as a starting point to get your head around what your real mission is. Read my review of The Millionaire Messenger.

If you’re a new motivational speaker … you haven’t spoken for a fee, then there’s no doubt in my mind that you need to hook up with Jane Atkinson and get an Ebook copy of The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 and The Epic Keynote.

Speakers Bureaus and Agents

 The first thing a new motivational speaker does is look for a speakers bureau or agent. 

They do get a lot of work for motivational speakers. But, if you’re a new speaker, not so much.

Unless, you’ve invented the cure for cancer, gone to Mars or a superstar actor or sports professional, don’t even go there.

In my opinion, you should have at least 100 paid motivational keynotes under your belt before approaching a speakers bureau. 

Take 3 years of getting behind lots of microphones before you approach a bureau.

Speakers bureaus are just like banks. They’ll only lend you money if you have money (collateral). Bureaus will get you professional speaking engagements if you’ve done your time and you’re relatively successful (5 – 10 speaking and training engagements a month).

Who are the professional speakers bureaus in South Africa:

  • Conference Speakers International
  • Famous Faces
  • Marie Grey and Associates
  • Speakers of Note
  • Speakers Inc
  • Unique Speakers Bureau

I trust that the motivational speakers resources below will be of some use to you.

Find a path with heart,

Jacques de Villiers

The Wealthy Speaker 2.0

This book will help you improve your motivational speaking business.

Find out the costly marketing mistakes other speakers have made and how they created successful businesses. ($20 for the Ebook).

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The Millionaire Messenger

This book will help you to understand why you should be selling information and not only motivational keynotes. Build a professional speaking business and not a keynote.

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Speaker Savvy

This book will help all new motivational speakers navigate the world of speaking and how to get a speakers bureau interested in you.

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The Exceptional Speaker

This book will help you to deliver sensational speeches. You’ll learn a lot about presentation skills, stage craft and how to work an audience.

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Speaker Score

This free tool allows you to get audience ratings, testimonials and email addresses. You can share your presentation with the audience and get feedback too. I love this tool and use it too.

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Toastmasters International

This speaking and leadership organisation is unarguably the best place to hone your speaking skills. Find a club in your area so that you can get to practice the art of speaking in an environment of trust and learning. South Africa is known as District 74.

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