January 22, 2019

What is coaching and is it for you?

What is coaching

You may have heard talk about coaching and your thoughts have included what is coaching? I do not need coaching. Coaching is for people who are battling.

Let’s look at some answers

What is Coaching?

Coaching is for people who would like to move forward in their personal and or business lives.

They want to grow and are willing to leave the comfort zone that they are currently in. Of course, we can all do this on our own, but when you think of it, even the best sports teams in the world have a coach.

You could say that a coach is a catalyst who joins you on your journey to hold you accountable for doing the steps in that journey. An important fact to know is that it always stays your journey.

A coach does a lot of listening and asking questions and gives you a chance to unpack the thoughts in your head. A coach gives you a safe and confidential space to be able to grow YOU. A coach is different to a catalyst though because they do not remain unchanged in the process. Every professional coach grows with every client.

I do not need coaching

We all know how fast the world changes and the temptation is to want to stay where we are. The crazy thing is that “Today’s amazing becomes tomorrow’s blah” and so we have to ensure that we are growing or we are in danger of becoming Kodak or Blackberry. There are probably young people who have never heard of either brand.

  • Why opt to do a journey on your own?
  • Why would you say “No” to a catalyst who will support you to reach your goals more successfully?

Coaching is for people who are battling?

On the contrary as people who are battling often continue to battle and never reach out for support.

Coaching is for whole people who want to realise even more of their potential.

If you’ve ever thought, what is coaching or whether you need a coach, why not reach out to life and business coach, Colleen. She’s a renowned coach and professional speaker who has years of experience in helping people become the best versions of themselves.

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