June 11, 2018

3 Strategies For Motivating Employees

flow - motivating employees by Yoke Van Dam

Motivating employees is a difficult but vital task if you want your company to do well.

You can’t force a dog to run to you, but what can you do?

You can stand away and shout its name, tap your knee loudly and say something encouraging like: “Come here boy”-and the dog could be inclined to run to you.

How would you need to be, to allow someone to want to engage with you, or buy from you?

How can you put a positive, helpful, friendly attitude as your intention, and how receptive will that make the client?

motivating your staff with Yoke Van Dam

I recently facilitated a training session for group of sales professionals. For nearly two hours we focused on what is in their own control, and what wasn’t.

The penny dropped when the group realised, that the things they have sleepless nights over:

  • our economy
  • if clients would buy from them …

… are things outside of their control.

They realised that they can’t force anyone to do anything.

They also realised that they aren’t simply puppets dancing to someone else’s strings – that they get to decide what they spend

  • their thoughts
  • time
  • money
  • and energy on.
  • That they get to decide what emotions they experience or give meaning to
  • and how they behave
  • and by doing so proactively they can influence people around them

What is in your own control?

Are there ways that you can influence those around you in a proactive way?

3 Strategies for motivating employees

1.Have a Glass-half full attitude: Is the glass half-full, or half empty?

motivating employees

So many people decide that the glass is half empty before they have even tried. They go into a meeting defeated, and the prospect can pick it up from their body language, their tone of voice, or their lack of energy and drive in the meeting. Change your thoughts, your attitudes and your emotions. Why don’t you decide upfront that you will do your utmost to listen well, that you will find ways of building rapport with your client and really seeing what the pain points are, before selling any product.  This will have a high impact on influencing how you are perceived in a meeting, and what the actual results are.

2. How can we be more engaged? How can I be more in flow?

flow motivating employees

I often find myself struggling to get in flow at work. I’ll take hours doing ‘busy work’ that’s not adding real value to the purpose of the business.

Has that ever happened to you, are you finding flow easily?

Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology says that being in flow is when time stops, where everything is in perfect harmony-its like hearing the music perfectly.

He says that we have been inclined for years to focus on our weaknesses, but he encourages the opposite when motivating employees and ourselves.

He says, “Find your signature strengths, and apply them in all situations, especially those things that you don’t enjoy and don’t find easy.”

How to apply this?

One of the things I really don’t enjoy is cold-calling prospects.

Since my Signature Strengths are:

  1. an appreciation for excellence
  2. the Love of learning

I need to use those in every phone call I make. When I call clients, I will make sure that I’ve done my research, so that their areas of excellence can make me excited about doing business with them.

I will then incorporate my Love for learning to help them change behaviour and attitudes that are harmful.

For your team:

Help your team identify their key strengths.

Help them to find creative ways of using those specific strengths in all areas at work.

You’ll find that the time will stop for them, that they will hear the music, they will be in flow, engaged and very productive!

3. How can you have a more meaningful life?


Seligman says that a meaningful life is ranked at the highest level of Happiness, followed closely by engagement (being in flow), versus pleasure.

He confirms that if you do activities that are meaningful that in 6 months’ time you’ll be:

  • less depressed
  • have less anxiety
  • have more satisfaction in life

Yoke van Dam is a motivational speaker, an organisational transformation coach and communication expert who loves motivating employees.

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