March 3, 2018

6 things you need to know from your life coach

6 things you should know about your life coach

Ask your life coach these 6 questions.

  1. Number and length of Sessions
    How many sessions do you have to commit to and how long and how frequent are they? Is there a complimentary chemistry session?Where are your sessions?
  2. Payment to the life coach
    How much is each session or the cost of a programme? When and how must payment be made?
  3. Cancelling a Session
    Most coaches include a cancellation clause in their written or verbal contracts. Standard cancellation is the session is charged if you do not pitch, postpone frequently or cancel with less than 24hrs notice.
  4. Professionalism
    Would you go to a doctor or lawyer who isn’t qualified? A life coach or business coach is no different.
    Ask for qualifications, credentialing, professional body membership, CPD points, supervision attendance, hours coached and major themes coached.
  5. When Coaching does not work
    Coaching requires that the client wants coaching and is willing to do what is required to move forward. Your Coach will have a termination clause in their contract.  Check it out.
  6. Confidentiality and etiquette
    Your coach will explain confidentiality in contracting. Be sure you ask if you are unsure. Confidentiality extends to not introducing themselves as your Coach. It has to come from you.

If you meet in a coffee shop, it is standard protocol that the client pays for tea/coffee. Payment for a meal or alcohol should be discussed.

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