February 3, 2019

A new keynote speech by Pierre du Plessis

motivational keynote speeches by Pierre du Plessis

Dissident pastor and keynote speaker, Pierre du Plessis has crafted a new keynote speech and masterclass called The Art of Discernment.

“Move fast and break things” is a motto that is outdated and increasingly indefensible. More and more consumers are demanding that organisations are responsible, authentic, and in fact, virtuous.

How does one design a virtuous strategy in a VUCA, Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous, world?In this keynote and masterclass Pierre pulls from ancient decision making techniques and philosophies to help businesses chart a better course in a VUCA world.

  • After this keynote speech your leaders will be better equipped with anchors and practical toolkits, some centuries old, that will greatly assist to bring clarity and help to make more confident decisions.
  • They will be able to design a strategy that is authentic and responsible even in times of great upheaval and chaos.
  • After the masterclass they will leave with a worksheet filled with practice and reflections to guide their path as leaders.

Of course, this keynote speech is one of many keynote speeches, Pierre has in his speaker’s toolkit.

Pierre du Plessis - motivational speakersHe has given almost 1000+ keynotes and workshops. Pierre speaks and preaches regularly to audiences around the world on chaos, leadership, innovation, and the art of leading the self.

In a comfortable conversational style Pierre brings depth to an event by pulling from popular culture, trends, spirituality, and all the way through to ancient myths and legends.

His humorous storytelling style leaves the audience inspired and equipped with new lenses and practical insights to use in their own lives, teams, or businesses.


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