You have everything needed for the extravagant journey that is your life

Carlos Castaneda

My benevolent intent is to help speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants embrace marketing as a force for good so that they can attract their tribe to them.

Hello, I’m Jacques,


I’ve created this quest for you so that you can connect meaningfully with your tribe and share your important message with it.


To that end, I’ve set this quest up with one clear goal in mind:


  • I want you to be found by your tribe so that you an enrol them on your quest.

In case I forgot to mention this, you get to list on this site for $15 for life.




I had a Road to Damascus experience and quit speaking. My journey as a speaker is nearly done, but yours is not, and you can still go out and make a massive impact:


  • You can still give people hope
  • You can still shine a light in these dark times for people to follow
  • You can still make a difference
  • You can still raise human consciousness


I’ve been in the speaking arena close on 25 years. My best friends are speakers. It’s the only world I really know. Because I know the speaking industry inside out, I think I’m well-suited to helping you get what you want so that your clients can get what they want.

Quick Facts About Me

If this kinda stuff is even important to you.

The Real Value Of Listing On This Website

Listing on this website is not going to get you business off this website. The odd enquiry does come in, but not a hell of a lot.


The value lies in the backlinks. This site has great authority on Google through its affiliation with my site which has more than 500 blog posts.


In short, by getting a backlink to your website off this authority site is a serious vote. Find out why backlinks are important.


What does that mean? It means that as a consequence, your website will be noticed by Google more and you will start ranking higher (assuming that you are doing a content marketing strategy too).


What does that mean? If you’re not writing at least four blog posts a month of 350 words targeted to your audience, you’re going to struggle and fail to get ranking traction on Google.


You want to be on the first page of Google at best and at worst, on the second page so that the people who book you can find you.

Sometimes this site has two spots on the first page which is astounding because to get ranked for a popular keyword like motivational speaker is near impossible.


Go on, test it now. Type in “motivational speakers in South Africa” and see where we are in the rankings. As of 2 June 2020, we were #6 on Google organic search for ‘motivational speakers in South Africa and #2 for ‘motivational speaker in South Africa’.


Below is a screenshot of how many pages are viewed over a 90-day period.
It may not look like a lot, but for a motivational speaking website it is.


Go check out your Google Analytics (please tell me you are tracking your stats) and see how you stack up. If you beat this site, send me the stats and I’ll name my next child after you.

Google rankings for motivational speakers as of 5 May 2021


Sessions by device (mostly mobile … interesting)

google analytics for conference speakers

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