March 23, 2020

Brenda Hattingh Inspirational Speaker

Brenda Hattingh Inspirational speakers and motivational speakers

Dr Brenda Hattingh is a renowned international inspirational speaker and a registered psychologist. As a professional leadership coach, mentor, and
business consultant, she facilitates change and transformation in individuals, businesses, companies and organisations. She focuses on the development of new mindsets, cutting edge tools and skills while utilising personal and organisational potential and developing innovative strategies. This while utilising personal and organisational potential and developing innovative strategies. this includes developing Power Intelligence, New Success DNA and New Leadership DNA.

Brenda has covered many academic disciplines that include a BSc. degree in medical science, ecology, physics, quantum physics, genetics, neuroscience, chemistry and organisational & business psychology.

  • An honours degree in Education put her in touch with
    Education and especially adult education, parenting and creating a learning culture in organisations.
  • A master’s degree and PhD in Psychology, cover topics relating to fully functioning successful individuals and organisations who are empowered to utilise their full potential as encoded as a DNA Success-blueprint.

Brenda is committed to the development of a new generation of successful, innovative, and inspired thinkers and leaders – people with a New Success DNA. She invests her time in new developing authentic leaders and inspiring people to turn stumbling-blocks into stepping-stones.

She presents workshops nationally and internationally, lectures at various
universities, and has published various books. Brenda is also the recipient of various awards, including the prestigious Professional Businesswoman of the Year Award.

Brenda Hattingh Speaks On The Following Book Topics

Brenda presents the following topics in her keynote addresses, coaching, consulting, facilitation and training.

  • New Success DNA: What is it and how to develop it
  • New Leadership DNA: Developing Enlightened leaders
  • Power Intelligence: Mastering your miracle mind
  • Power Intelligence: Energising people and organisations and creating prosperity
  • Power Intelligence- The intelligence of the future
  • Authentic living and leading: What you should know and how to develop it
  • DNA – Climbing the new ladder of success
  • Coaching yourself to ultimate success. Turning setbacks into comebacks
  • Self-coaching: Who coaches who?
  • Life – Stumbling block or steppingstone?
  • Sevens steps to securing the Madiba Magic in Life and Leadership
  • Going for Gold: Developing the self-image of success
  • Power Tools for Power People. Developing your new toolkit for success
  • Curing Corruption. 7 Steps you can take to cure the real epidemic of our time

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