February 8, 2018

Choosing a life coach

choosing a life coach

When you’re choosing a life coach, you’ve decided you do want a catalyst to help you achieve your goals. You cannot pop off to the local store though when it comes to finding a life coach

So, how does one choose a coach?

1. Word of Mouth

Yes. This is powerful. When choosing a life coach, ask your family, friends and colleagues for a recommendation. Ask in person and on social media. Be specific about your request and relate it to the growth and goals you want to achieve.

2. Data bases and lists

Look at data bases of coaches and read through profiles. There will be those that you will click with. When finding a life coach, a professional body like COMENSA has a list of Coaches – life coaches, business coaches, and lots of other coaches

3. Identify a few life coaches or business coaches and do your research.

When choosing a life coach, look them up on Linkedin, Facebook, their website, other social media. Do they write articles, speak, do Twitter chats, facilitate, train? Do you like what you see?

4. Professionalism

When choosing a life coach, remember that YOU are important and you certainly do not want to work with just anyone who has claimed the title of Life Coach or Business Coach.

  1. Do they belong to a professional body like COMENSA?
  2. Are they credentialed and at what level?
  3. Do they take their profession seriously and attain CPD points and attend Supervision?
  4. Contact you short list. Ask for a meeting. Go to a COMENSA meeting and see who you click with.

5. Go with your gut

When choosing a life coach, if it feels right, it is. Your Life Coach or Business Coach will play a big role in helping you to decide on your goals and very importantly to achieve those goals. Choose wisely using facts.

Colleen Qvist is a life coach who is a senior practitioner at COMENSA.

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