January 30, 2018

How to close a speech with impact

How to close a speech with impact

A question I get asked quite a lot as a keynote speaker is how to close a speech with impact?

In my opinion, a speech is almost like making a sale.

You can’t just dump information and then ask for the order.

In a sale you need to go through a process or a dance, if you will. The same is true for your speech.

How To Close A Speech With Impact

  • Establish rapport with your prospect/ as a speaker, establish rapport with your audience
  • Give a general benefit of your product/service/ as a speaker, give your audience a reason to listen to you
  • Build an argument through using features and benefits to sell your product/service/ as a speaker, build an argument for your case
  • Overcome objections/ as a speaker, allay scepticism with good case studies, examples, anecdotes. Typically make 3 strong points in the Tell a story; make a point formatEnding a speech on a high
  • Close the sale/ As a speaker build your case and then end strong
  • If you want to close a speech with impact, use an action-benefit close.

What are examples of an action-benefit close?

The audience needs to take a specific action after your speech.

  • Are you trying to get them fired up?
  • Do you want them to do something after your speech?
  • Do you want them inspired and motivated?

Whether you want to get them motivated or to take action, you should think about using the action-benefit close.

So, how do you close a speech with impact using action-benefit?

Here are some examples:

  • Become a reader (action) and you’ll become a leader in your community (benefit)
  • Cut 500 calories a day (action) and you will lose half a kilogram a week (benefit)
  • Educate your children (action) and your country will thrive (benefit)

I think you get the point.

It is important to figure out how to close a speech with impact. There’s nothing worse than building a beautiful argument and case for your speech only to throw it away in the last 15 seconds.

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