December 11, 2017

Why motivational speakers should be into content marketing

Content Marketing

Yesterday (10 December 2017) I chatted to professional speaker, presentation skills and customer services subject expert, Paul du Toit (CSP) at the PSASA year-end function. We spoke about content marketing and content production, amongst other things.

I asked him how’s business as one does. He said the his Exceptional Customer Service course that he had started when he opened shop was still his best seller.

I related a story to him about another professional speaker, Stef du Plessis (CSP). We were driving back from a presentation in Middleburg. Stef asked me what I was doing. With great excitement I told him that I’d developed another course for sales professionals.

“How many courses and workshops do you currently have?”, he asked.

I said that I had around 10.

He looked at me and said, “You don’t need more courses, you just need better marketing.”

And, he’s right, you know.

I’ve noticed that when my business isn’t flying, I start developing new material, fixing my slide decks and just generally doing busywork.

Buggering around, in other words.

Content marketing is the way to go

What I should be doing is content marketing:

  • Search engine optimising my website better
  • Sending emails to my opt in database
  • Phoning past clients to see if there’s anything else I can do for them
  • Phoning new prospects and sending out my marketing one-sheet
  • Connecting with prospects on LinkedIn
  • Writing more articles for my content marketing strategy

What I shouldn’t be doing is developing more stuff.

Paul du Toit reiterated this because his Exceptional Customer Service course has been running for more than 20 years.

Yes, he’s sexed it up a bit and made it more relevant to today’s zeitgeist. But, essentially it is still the same course.

So, if you’re a motivational speaker, coach, trainer or consultant, take Stef du Plessis’s advice and become a better marketer than content producer.

Have I said it enough … content marketing is the way to go.

You have more content than you’ll ever use. And, it’s good. So, choose your signature content and market the crap out of it so that you can increase your business.


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