January 3, 2018

Customer service means being positive

customer service

If you want your company to get good at customer service, you should seriously consider helping your customer-facing employees get a positive attitude.

  1. Treasure every interaction with a customer
    We all want to feel special, don’t we? When your employees take the time to treat your customers and prospects with respect, they’ll want to do business with your company.
  2. Give a warm, positive greeting
    A heart-felt greeting really does go a long way to nurturing customers. Try and mix up your greeting. Instead of always saying, “Good morning, Acme Group of Companies, Henry speaking. How may I help you.”
  3. Voice prompts
    If you have a voice-prompt system to route callers to the right department, make sure the message is short, clear and to the point. Select a voice that is enthusiastic, positive and welcoming and that reflects the culture of your company.
  4. Remembering someone’s name
    Make use of the caller’s name and use it as often as possible within the conversation. Pronounce it correctly. We love hearing our own name. We connect better when someone uses our name.
  5. Be involved
    Use positive verbal expressions such as, “Yes, I understand”, “I hear you”, “I’m following you”, “I see”, “Sure”, and the like.
  6. Check your understanding
    Summarise the request or query to ensure that you understand it. This also shows that you are actually listening to your customer.
  7. You can do it
    Don’t ever have a negative undertone. Never tell a customer what you can’t do. Tell your customer what you can do. “It is too late to deliver this afternoon. And, I will make sure that you are the first delivery tomorrow morning, would that suit you?”
  8. Product knowledge
    Know your stuff. Know the features and benefits of your product or service backwards. Know what value your product or service delivers to the customer.
  9. Confirm
    Get into the habit of confirming discussions and decisions by e-mail. This shows that you’re a professional and prevents any misunderstandings later on.
  10. Professional image
    The caller should feel informed and appreciated. Don’t use slang or swear. Treat your caller with respect and courtesy just as you would expect to be treated.

Customer service shouldn’t just be a buzz-word. Make sure it is part of your organisational DNA so that you can attract, maintain and grow your customer base.

Author: Trevor Ketler, business training specialist and motivational speaker.

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