June 4, 2018

Google your name. Check for this one thing

Google Your Name by motivational speakers, Douglas Kruger

Google your name. Check for this one thing

Launch Google and input your own name. Then hit ‘images.’ If you’ve been building a career as an expert for some time, it should return an assortment of photos. Now take a look at the outfits you’re wearing from one image to the next. Is there a degree of variety? Or are you wearing the same clothes in every photo?

google your name

Now try the same with your YouTube videos. Do they all look identical, or is there enough variation to create a good and credible impression when viewed collectively?

If it’s all looking a little too familiar, make a point of mixing it up. YouTube videos are the most obvious culprit and the most easy to address. Next time you shoot one, be sure to wear a different colour, a different cut.

Pay attention (Google your name)to the smaller details, and over time, the total impressions add up.

Douglas Kruger is an Innovation Speaker. Find out more about Douglas on his website.

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