May 27, 2018

Introducing motivational speaker David Grier

Motivational Speaker David Grier

Motivational Speaker and Adventurer David Grier’s last challenge was the a run from Guantanimo bay on the southern tip of Cuba to the most North eastern point.

This was done just after his run from the John O’ Groats to Lands End down the UK, then a run from South to North Up Ireland followed by a run along Hadrian’s wall. In that same year David Ran from the most northern temple in Kashmir India to the most southern temple in the ocean at Kanyikumari a distance of some 4008 km and a time span of 93 days becoming one of the first people to complete this deemed to be an impossible feat.

David set out to take all his passions to the extreme and explore the limits of the human mind and body.

To date – David has:

  • The Great wall of China 4200km in 93 days
  • Run the entire coastline of South Africa 3300 km in 80 days
  • Paddled from Africa to Madagascar 500km in 12 days
  • Run the Island of Madagascar South to north 2700km in 67 days
  • Run the entire length of India 4008 km in 93 days.

Miles For Smiles

Miles for Smiles, inspirational speaker, David GrierBesides being a motivational speaker and adventurer, David is a trustee and ambassador for the Cipla Miles for Smiles Foundation, raising funds through adventure for Operation Smile,South Africa, who perform corrective surgery on children born with cleft lips and palates.

While running the great wall, I was constantly in awe of the beauty surrounding me. The beauty of the planet and its magnificence, but constantly in the back of my mind was the reminder of the paradox, how can this beauty of our planet also be the home of such pain and suffering experienced by our children

Children born with such facial disfigurement that they are ostracised by those around them, struggle to speak, let alone eat. To me the final measurement of the success of my journey can only be measured by the children that I can help realise their simple dream of a god given right to a smile.

On the second adventure of mine, the joint run around the coast of South Africa, we received a massive response and raised over R 2 000 000,00. The highlight of this project was being able to finally attend a surgical mission, (a group of operations) In the Transkei during the run, I witnessed life changing operations on 10 children, 30 were done in total. An experience that I will never forget ,and which makes every step of my journey count being able to help make a difference in the lives of children in my country. David Grier, motivational speaker and adventurer

He has shaped the experiences of the last four challenges into a series of inspirational talks. His message is of hope and ‘making a difference’ in peoples lives through change, positivity, the right attitude, recognising opportunity and never giving up.

Motivational speaker, David Grier is represented by Speakers Inc. You can find out more information about David here.

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