May 29, 2018

Introducing Stephen Grootes, political journalist

Political Journalists represented by Speakers Inc, Stephen Grootes

Stephen Grootes is one of South Africa’s top political journalists.

He’s a multi award-winning political journalist and commentator.

Born in Cape Town, Stephen attended King Edward VII School in Houghton ((my alma mater) and he attended Rhodes University in Grahamstown.

Stephen took over as the host of the Midday Report on Radio 702 and 567 Cape Talk in 2012.

Stephen resigned from his position at Radio 702 and Eyewitness News in 2018 to start a new career with SA FM.

He is a regular contributor to the Daily Maverick, with a very active Twitter account. He has published a book called ‘SA Politics Unspun’ – which offers a roadmap to guide his readers through our country’s complex political landscape.

With an insider’s understanding of South Africa’s political environment, Stephen has built personal relationships with all of the country’s major role players. He is the ‘thorn in the side’ of many politicians, managing to retrieve all of the answers to all of the big questions.

Stephen’s insights into our current political environment is fascinating as he has the ability to offer a glimpse into (where he believes) South Africa is heading.

Stephen is represented by Speakers Inc and is one of its favourite political journalists and commentators. It also represents motivational speakers, business speakers, comedians and many other genres.

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