May 28, 2018

Life Coach or Mentor?

life coach and motivational speakers Colleen Qvist

Life Coach or Mentor? How do you know which one you need?

Let’s use an example. You have always wanted to be a ballerina as far back as you can remember. It somehow never worked out.

Is it too late to pursue this dream?

It is never too late to pursue a dream. The point here is that it is a dream. You need to examine the dream and decide on the steps required to make it a goal. Then of course you need to do the steps.

Option 1 

You could do this on your own but the chances of you changing the dream into a goal and then actioning those steps is not very high.

Option 2

You head off to a Life Coach.

The coach will explore with you why you want to be a ballerina and guide you to set goals. You’ll be asked lots of questions like:

  • Levels of fitness
  • Diet
  • Who could teach you,
  • Where you could go
  • Finding suitable dance clothes and shoes
  • When you plan to start.

At no point does the coach need to have ever danced, taken a single lesson or be even remotely interested in ballet. The Life Coach guides and questions and ensures that the client discovers and does research and ultimately becomes a ballerina. Alternatively the client can decide that their ballet dream was just a dream and happily move on to another goal. This would still be a positive coaching outcome. The Coach is paid to guide the Client to their goal.

Option 3

You look for a Mentor to ensure you reach your goal. Here it is important to realise that a Mentor (unlike a life coach) has to have experience of ballet.  This experience can be at different levels from the mentor having danced professionally to someone who had the same dream as you and has achieved their ballet goals.

Often a Mentor will be someone you know of and respect in the area of your goal. Or you could look for a mentor based on what aspect you would like Mentorship in. E.g. fitness or posture or becoming a professional.

You will come to an arrangement with your mentor re payment in money or exchange of value.

In both situations, whether you work with a coach or mentor, you are highly likely to set a goal and do the steps to reach that goal. Both can be seen as a catalyst for your goal achievement.

Colleen Qvist is a life coach and a motivational speaker.

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