June 11, 2018

List South African journalists in a media file

list south african journalists

List South African journalists into a media file and you could own your industry.

When Penguin launched my first book, they asked me whether I had any connections to media outlets. We drew up a list of shows and publications that might feature the book, and Penguin added their suggestions to my own. That list has proved extraordinarily useful to me over the years.

Start a media list as soon as you can. So list South African journalists and every media outlet that’s relevant to your industry.

list south african journalists

As you’re exposed to new shows, new journalists and new outlets, you can grow your list. Use it for your article contributions, for content suggestions and to suggest potential interviews.

This week, create a file on your PC and title it ‘Media Contacts.’ It’s easy enough to find contact details for each of these shows online. If it’s broadcast, you should generally try to find the programme manager, if it’s print, find the editor.

As an additional suggestion for populating this list, keep an eye on social media. Chances are you are connected to other experts who do something similar to you. When they are interviewed or published by media outlets that you haven’t utilised yet, add these shows and publications to your list. Then make a point of offering content to them as well.

List South African journalists into a growing list of media connections, and you could build the publicity and profile you need to own your industry.

Douglas Kruger is a motivational speaker, innovation speaker and a Certified Speaking Professional.

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