January 29, 2020

Make money as motivational speakers by differentiating between an audience and a market

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I’m busy reading Do It! Speaking: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Market, Monetize, and Maximize Your Expertise by David Newman. He has an interesting take on how motivational speakers should differentiate between an audience and a market (if you want to make money, anyway).

  1. An audience listens. A market pays attention
  2. An audience wants entertainment. A market wants to solve problems.
  3. An audience values an experience. A market values expertise.
  4. An audience wants to watch. A market wants to act.
  5. An audience wants information. A market wants implementation.
  6. An audience reacts. A market responds.
  7. An audience wants their questions answered. A market wants their answers questioned.
  8. An audience wants you to be popular. A market wants you to be right.
  9. An audience asks, “What can you do?” A market asks, “What’s next?” and “What else?” Motivational speakers buy the book at and then download all the free bonuses and companion tools from
  10. An audience says, “Great show!” A market says, “Great job!”
  11. An audience tells their friends. A market tells their boss.
  12. An audience buys your book. A market reads your book.
  13. An audience likes your ideas. A market implements your ideas.
  14. An audience wants your autograph. A market wants to give you their signature.
  15. An audience applauds. A market refers.
  16. An audience says, “Thank you.” A market says, “Thank goodness!” And finally—most important of all—motivational speakers read this next one as often as you need to:
  17. An audience will HEAR you. A market will PAY you (well, often, and gladly). Expert marketers not only build an audience—they develop a market for their value, ideas, products, services, and programs.”

Buy the book at and then download all the free bonuses and companion tools from

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