July 16, 2018

Make your branding touch points look legitimate

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Last week Tuesday, a delivery van pulled up outside my house and the driver rang the doorbell. The delivery bore Penguin’s iconic branding.

It wasn’t my advance copies of the new book (due in a few week’s time) but it was related to the marketing for it.

Penguin created a banner for me, and with good reason. Like myself, they are in the business of creating high-level brand impressions, and to that end, they understand that branding visual cues matter. Every successful promotion draws heavily upon them (think of the elaborate Nespresso stand in your local mall), and as aspiring experts, we should invest in their effectiveness too.

I find that when I speak at an event and a simple banner stands behind my display of books, the sales are greatly increased. The sense of professionalism goes up a notch too. It all looks a little more ‘real.’

What are your customer branding touch-points? And what visual cues do you currently use to add legitimacy, even a little theatre, at those touch-points? They are non-compulsory and no one will ever force you to invest in them. But small efforts pay large dividends here.

Make the effort to present your offering like a professional. Use visual cues that communicate legitimacy, and you will teach them how to view you.

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