October 7, 2018

Motivational Speakers Bio vs Motivational Speakers Introduction

motivational speakers bio

There’s a difference between motivational speakers bio and introduction.

A professional speakers bio (biography) is like a curriculum vitae. This is not the document to give to a master of ceremonies who is supposed to introduce you to an audience. It’s too long and cumbersome.

What you want to give the master of ceremonies (MC) is a one-page introduction at the most.

Speakers Introduction Tips

  1. Get it to the MC in advance
  2. Make sure it is in 16 to 18 point as often the lighting in the conference room is not up to scratch. Easier to read.
  3. Instruct the MC not to deviate from the introduction you’ve given
  4. Most important, bring a copy of the introduction with you just in case the MC has lost it

#4 is my lesson … I stuffed this one up.

A month or so ago I did a speaker showcase at the Theatre on The Square (Nelson Mandela Square).

I sent my introduction weeks before. I followed up to make sure that the introduction had been sent to the MC. I was promised it had been given to the MC.

I’m standing in the wings with the MC waiting for a fellow speaker to finish up. I glance at my introduction in his hands and to my horror see that it’s my motivational speakers bio off my website … not the introduction I’d lovingly crafted.

In this case the introduction was crafted as a set up to my keynote. Without the title of my speech and the set up, the context of my speech was lost.

It threw me off my stride and I know I didn’t do my best work (for the first minute or so) until I got back on track.

I don’t know about you, but my introduction is part of my ritual. If it is done badly, it throws me.

  • My mistake was that I didn’t check in with the MC that he had my introduction on the night
  • My mistake was that I presumed that the MC had the right introduction
  • My BIG mistake was that I didn’t bring a spare copy of my introduction with. If I had, this would have saved the day

Learn from me and makes sure that the MC doesn’t mistake your motivational speakers bio for your introduction.

Check out Jacques’s motivational speakers biography.



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