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If you got this far, it means that my promotional text got you intrigued.

As I said, you’ll have a number of places where you will be highlighted on the website:

  1. Go to the professional speakers page
  2. You’ll see four some of our speakers on (currently only Dawn Klatzko is on as I’m waiting for content from the other 30 speakers, coaches, trainers and consultants.
  3. All speakers will get a 300-word biography. It has to be totally original. So, no cut and paste jobs from your existing website. Don’t worry, though – send me the copy, who you are, what you do, what you speak about etc and I’ll make sure that it is properly key worded and panel beaten into persuasive English.
  4. Bonus. From your speaker page, I will also send folks to a proper sales landing page through the landing page software I use (you’d typically pay R450) a month for this privilege. But, through me, you get it as a free bonus forever. Check out the example page here to see what I can do for you. This page is promoting my 3 keynotes.
  5. I’ll also register you as an author. So, you can upload your blog posts onto this website. If you go to the blog page you’ll see a thumbnail of me and my blog posts on the right hand side. Once you’re an author, your photo and blog posts will also go up there. On the package I’m offering you, you get 6 blog posts a year. They have to be 300 words and totally original (i.e. they can’t be taken from a previous blog post and they can’t be used on your website after they’ve been published on Professional Speaker Services.
  6. Of course, that’s not all. You’ll get the opportunity to upload a picture with a 20-word caption and a link back to your page on Professional Speaker services onto my Facebook speaker pages and twitter pages 12x a year (once a month). All of this gives you valuable links back to your page and gives you more votes on Google i.e. better rankings.
  7. I will also place a link to your url (example onto both my and websites. Both are content-rich (1000+ pages on .com and 400+ pages on This means that the Google bots are crawling my pages every day as I put up new content regularly. Once again, this link will raise your profile in Google.

I hope you’ll agree that at only R2 597.00 for a year’s subscription is a good deal for you. Just the specialised sales landing page alone is worth it. See example:

Once I have all your information, it’ll take me 4+ hours to set up your profile with the appropriate keywords

I’ll in fact be losing money on you. My hourly rate is R1000.00 per hour. I have no doubt that initially I’ll be spending at least 4 hours on setting your entire profile up. It took me 3 hours just to tweak

Book your profile now

So, if you’re interested in being part of this journey to get you found on the Internet and social meda, either go back to the Get Found landing page and sign up. Or just pop me an email on the contact form below. Be sure to leave your mobile number so that I can call you and map out the way forward.