October 31, 2018

Pecha Kucha Presentation Johannesburg, South Africa

Pecha Kucha Presentation

Pecha Kucha Presentation – As you may or may not know, I’m the organiser for Pechakuchanight – Johannesburg and have run two sessions – September and October 2018.

We’ve a great response with more than 160 people attending both events which have been held at Skoobs Theatre of Books at Monte Casino, Fourways.

A number of motivational speakers have given a Pecha Kucha Presentation. They include:

  • Arthie Moore
  • Jan Robberts
  • Yoke van Dam
  • Robby Kojetin
  • Joni Peddie
  • Colleen Qvist
  • Robin Pullen
  • Carl Schultz
  • Enkromelle Andrews

We’ve also had a bunch of authors on too:

  • Jann Weeratunga
  • Craig du Preez
  • Silke Kaiser
  • Robby Kojetin (author and speaker)
  • Stephanie Clarke
  • Joni Peddie (author and speaker)
  • Gary Hirson
  • Sonia Killik

What does a Pecha Kucha Presentation Comprise?

It’s pretty simple.

Each speaker’s presentation consists of 20 slides.

Each speaker has 20 seconds a slide

This means that each presentation comes in at 06 minutes 40 seconds.

Pechakucha is in more than 1080 cities around the world.

In South Africa we have 3 cities represented:

  • Cape Town (the oldest – 51 sessions already)
  • Johannesburg (19 sessions already)
  • Pretoria (launching on 21 November 2018

When’s the next Pecha Kucha Presentation?

7 February 2019

Doors open at 18h30

Skoobs Theatre of Books, Monte Casino, Fourways

Go to our Facebook Event to book

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