March 31, 2020

Presentations skills to reassure your customer

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1. Make sure your message is clear

Clarity of message is vital to the success of a presentation. Most entrepreneurs have a wealth of information about their service or topic. They are experts in their field. In other words, they are familiar with the user-manual level of detail for their product or service. By contrast, their potential customers are not experts. They are often looking for the quick-start guide.

2. Create a core message

My best suggestion to identify your core message is to think of a t-shirt slogan. If you only had ten words for your entire presentation, what would those ten words be? Can you make those ten words interesting, memorable and repeatable? To get there, write down twenty ten word statements. Don’t filter or judge them at this stage. From there, identify the best statement and see if you can improve it. Once you have that, design your presentation around that statement.

3. Cut out the jargon

They (the audience) need to know the benefits of the product and what problem the product will solve for them. They don’t want or need [to know] the highly technical details (at least not at first). They want enough information to take the next step. They are often also looking for credibility or social proof that others like the product or service.

4. Focus on the client

For the entrepreneur, he or she has to ensure that the presentation is relevant to the potential customer. By proactively answering any concerns of objections, you can reassure your customer and build credibility at the same time.

Aletta Rochat is a presentations skills and public speaking trainer/coach and a motivational speaker. For more speaking tips go to her Facebook page.

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