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If you got this kind of traction on your website in January and booked some professional speaking engagements, you don't need to go further because you've cracked the code.

If not, it may benefit you to read on ...


As speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants most of us in this game rely on our website to generate sales for us.

If we're not in the Top 10 of the search engine rankings, the reality is that we are not going to make sales ... not through the search engines, that is.

This offer will help you get traction in the search engines so that you can get more professional speaking engagements more consistently.

For only R1000 per year

Jacques de Villiers

Professional Speaker Services

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At the beginning of 2018 I decided to build a website called Professional Speakers Services as an experiment to see if I could get the keyword motivational speaker/s into the Top 10 of Google search.

I have some skill in the search engine arena and thought that I'd be able to get it into the top 10 of Google in six months. You know what they say, "Pride comes before a fall." It didn't happen and I was disappointed. I persisted and it finally happened in month seven. Since then, through the keyword phrase motivational speaker, the website moves between position #6 and #7.

So, you might think, "Big deal."

Well, it is a bit of a big deal because the keyword motivational speaker/s is an extremely competitive keyword and almost impossible to rank for.

And, I know what you're thinking, "Why don't I just take out a Pay-Per- Click adword on Google and I'll be sure to get top rankings in the advertising space."

Of course you can do that and I'd encourage that. The problem is that motivational speaker/s is horrendously expensive ... anywhere between R10 to R12 per click. So, if you get 1000 click throughs to your sales page, that works out to R10 000 to R12 000. There are a number of heavy-hitter professional speakers that are going the adwords route and you've probably seen them advertise every month ... they've got deep pockets and the funds to do this.

You may argue that you're not a 'motivational speaker' so you don't need the keyword to help you get traction. The keyword motivational speaker gets the most searches and smashes its nearest rivals by 1000% (business speaker, inspirational speaker, conference speaker and the like).

If you want to shape in search engine rankings, whether you like it or not, you're going to have to have a keyword strategy with the term motivational speaker/s shoehorned in there somewhere.

You'll get a professional profile - view an example here.

You'll be promoted on all Professional Speaker Services and Jacques de Villiers social media properties.

You can have as many of your articles published on the Professional Speaker Services blog as you can provide. (Valuable backlinks to your own website).

If you have public training seminars, you can market them on Professional Speaker Services for free.

You'll get monthly reports on your page views and click throughs to your own website.

You'll get free access to my marketing vault which is full of marketing and sales tactics that can help grow your business.

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Professional Speaker Services

I can help you in two ways:

Because is a relatively popular site in the motivational speaker space and has good rankings (#6), any links back to your website will help boost your own rankings.

Because it is a well-visited website, if you have a profile on it, you're more likely to be seen and get booked.

Fill in the contact form at the top of this page and I'll reach out and connect with you to answer any questions you may have.

My best to you,

Jacques de Villiers

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