April 18, 2018

Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa 2018 Convention

Professional Speakers Association

The Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) held its annual convention from 13 April to 15 April 2018 at the Indaba Hotel in Fourways, South Africa. It was called XLR8.

Here are my impressions of how it went.

  • I unfortunately missed Billy Selekane’s workshop, The $1-Million Blueprint. How to Build a Sustainable Speaker Business in Times of Disruption. I believe that it was well worth attending.
  • Douglas Kruger knocked it out of the ball park with his keynote entitled Win Them Faster. How To Be Way More Persuasive in Your Keynotes. It was a masterclass in presenting and set the tone for the Professional Speakers Association convention.
  • John Molidor, PhD from the USA presented The Neuroscience of Speaking: How Your Brain Can XLR8 Your Career. Who knew that one should shade one’s text to impact the brain. Or stand to the right when telling stories and stand to the left when giving facts. It was a fascinating journey into the workings of the mind.
  • Sigi Lange, President of the Namibian Speakers Association gave us Laws To Accelerate Your Impact. It was well-received.
  • Steve Barnett gave the professional speakers association a riveting look into his world. He is one of the most successful motivational speakers (who doesn’t speak) in South Africa.
  • Shirley Taylor, President of the Global Speakers Federation gave us a great presentation called, Grow Your Speaking Business By Connecting The Dots.
  • David Pisarra from the USA is a Podcasting expert. His presentation called Promote Your Persona with Podcasting was one of the highlights for me. He enthused me so much that I’m really going to make an effort with my own podcasts in the near future.
  • Siphiwe Moyo was awesome. His keynote, In Hindsight: How You Can Accelerate Your Speaking Business was really funny and insightful. He is well on his way to becoming one of the busiest speakers in South Africa.
  • Sue Fuller-Good gave a breakaway session called, Thrive Speaker Thrive. It was an enchanting presentation on how to maintain our health. It highlighted a lot of my shortcomings health-wise. I intend to sort all of that out asap.
  • Andy Preston from the UK gave us a presentation called Stand Out Selling – The Future For Speakers. It was a good reminder of the rules of selling.
  • Mike Handcock from New Zealand was the reason I attended the Professional Speakers Association convention. I wanted to figure out how to Build A Global Business In Your Passion. I’m looking to speak more overseas and this talk really helped me figure things out. He is fast becoming a favourite of mine.
  • Maggie Georgopoulos from the UK came in with an enchanting presentation called, How to Accelerate Your Speaking Business While Holding On To Your Mental Health. It was a fascinating look at mental health challenges. And, it made me think whether or not I’m entirely sane (probably not).
  • Chris Bertish was our last speaker with a keynote entitled, Limitless. He blew the Professional Speakers Association members away with his tale of endurance. This is a must-get keynote.

I thoroughly enjoyed the XLR8 Convention. I enjoy every one of them and that’s why I have attended every one of them for the past 13 years.

Well done to Richard Mulvey who convened the convention. You did an excellent job.

Paul du Toit is the convener for next years Professional Speakers Association Convention. It’s going to be held in Johannesburg again in April 2019.

By the way, Paul du Toit and I have a 100% attendance rate at the conventions so far.

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