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Andrew Butters is interviewed on the Cliff Central, The Leadership Platform

Motivational Speaker, Andrew Butters Services

Andrew shares his experiences gained from nearly 30 years in the employee relations and human resources fields to transform organisations and inspire their people.


Andrew has 10+ motivational keynote addresses that covers topics like inspiration, motivation, employee effectiveness, employee relations and team building. 

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Andrew conducts workshops, seminars and training on employee Relations, Management, supervisory and team development and conflict resolution

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About Andrew Butters

Andrew Butters, motivational speaker in south africaAndrew Butters is a motivational speaker, conference speaker, business speaker and author (Eating From The Same Plate).


Andrew presents motivational keynotes on organisational and employee effectiveness.


Andrew shares his experiences gained from nearly 30 years in the Employee Relations and Human Resources fields to transform organisations and inspire their people, the aim being to help optimise organisational effectiveness.


Andrew has presented to audiences across the African continent such as Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Senegal.  Andrew is a lively and enthusiastic communicator.  His authentic and sincere style of delivery and his ability to interact comfortably and multi-culturally make his message easy to receive whilst his practical approach and informative content ensure that delegates always walk away with “take home” value.


Andrew appeals to audiences in many varied contexts such as conferences, staff events, team builds and briefings, staff town hall meetings, executive and management meetings, strategic sessions and breakaways as well as workshops.    He also conducts various training programmes within the employee relations and human resources arenas as well as presents at team building events all of which make a measurable difference to organisations.


Andrew is a member of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa as well as the Global Speakers Federation.


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