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Anja is an agile strategist and trainer.

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Anja van Beek Business Speaker

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Anja helps leaders become the leaders that people want to follow.

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Anja van Beek Motivational Speaker

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Anja is a life and leadership coach helping you find balance in all areas of your life.

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Anja van Beek

Be the leader you wish you had

How do you show up for your team? It is vital for leaders to understand what make their teams tick and ensure they have a happy and engaged workforce. 

Never underestimate the power of your words and actions. 

Choose to be that leader.

These 3 keynotes below will help broaden your thinking around your influence and impact as a leader.

Anja van Beek Chameleon Whisperer keynote
Embracing the Agile Workforce - How to be a Chameleon Whisperer

In this ever-changing world, where we see trends in changing demographics, mobility, the gig economy and the use of technology as a competitive advantage. We need to understand the impacts on these trends on future of work. A new way of leadership is required,a new way of engaging with teams. Have you adjusted your behaviours and mindset accordingly? It is all about the employee experience; have you adopted an agile mindset as a leader?

Anja van Beek High Performance Teams
Leaders as coaches - The best way to develop high-performance teams

Understanding the new role of leaders (as coaches) within the organisation. Why is it important for any leader to embrace a coaching approach? Can all leaders be coaches? Assess the tools in your leadership toolkit and decide which ones can be replaced to increase your influence. Get insight in the latest methods to empower your employees.

Anja van Beek Write Your Story
Build yourself a great story - What would your headline title be?

We are what we repeatedly do. The choices we made today has a direct impact on our future. What is your next chapter all about? Have you defined your ambition?  Are aware of what might be holding you back? How do you address these? Are you consciously growing in the direction of what you have been dreaming about?

Leaders and Culture by Anja van Beek


This is what some of my wonderful clients have to say.

About Anja van Beek


Anja van Beek Motivational SpeakerI have been in the corporate environment and have seen how people het stuck and lost their focus……
1. I can relate
In my career, I had the privilege to manage global teams and I also experienced the same challenges leaders face, especially in this ever-changing world.

2. Developing Authentic Leaders
Take a moment to pause. It is all about authenticity.
How do you choose to show up for your team? Are you using the right tools to get the best from your team and at the same time keeping them inspired? Have you embraced the latest thinking around high performing teams?
3. Prioritise a Healthy (& Happy) Culture
Never underestimate the impact of your actions and words. Take responsibility for the culture you want to see in your business. Leave a legacy the future leaders in your business will aspire to.


Anja is an expert in coaching leaders and teams in managing behavioural change in the ever-changing business landscape.
Anja was part of the Sage global HR leadership team representing the Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia region and has more than 20 years corporate experience. She has led multi-national teams through transition and change management.

In her career, Anja worked as a payroll and HR consultant, a Consulting Business Manager and managed the internal training function. She established the HR department, built high performance teams who partnered with the business to reach their objectives

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