Dissident Pastor

Dissident Preacher, Pierre du Plessis Pierre has presented nearly a 1000 talks, speaking, and preaching, regularly to audiences around the world on chaos, leadership, innovation, and the art of leading the self.

“Fresh, thought-provoking and captivating.” Jacques Fouche, Director, Southern African Association for the Conference Industry

Innovation Speaker

If you’re looking for creativity and innovation, Pierre’s concepts explore what is happening in the world, who we are in it, and how we can produce good work in that world.


Pierre is a mentor and coach. He helps you cut through the BS and find the tools to create your best work, inside and out. 


Pierre is a prolific writer and crafts work for three blogs: Ramblings, Three Things and, Happiness

Innovation, business and inspirational keynotes by Pierre du Plessis

I am jaded, I have been in the industry a very long time (20 years feels like a lifetime),  I have seen a lot,  heard a lot,  had my intelligence challenged and my mind bent, and often been bored.  There are not many speakers out there that make me stop (mid running around on an event) and listen.  Pierre is one of those. Kelly McGillivray – The Squad Events

Leading Without Authority

Discover how to become a leader and create momentum in a flat world.

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What It Takes To Change

Find a roadmap to engage disruption and create positive change in your organisation.

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Missed Opportunity In Innovation

Embrace innovation so that you can use it to let your organisation create its best work.

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The New Beautiful

This keynote inspires you with aesthetics, authenticity and creativity.

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In Praise Of Shadows

Enter into the shadows, so that you’ll find innovation, creativity, and new possibilities.

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Pirate Ships, Krav Maga and, Doorways

Find out how to survive and thrive in volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous times.

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Heroes, Monsters and Kings

Leadership lessons from myths, archetypes and legends

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The Art of Discernment

Crafting a virtuous strategy in a VUCA world

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About Pierre du Plessis, Dissident Preacher

Pierre du Plessis - motivational speakers
Pierre is an author and a master storyteller who firmly believes in the ludicrousy of speaking to
crowds to change the world.


He has a habit of making the familiar strange and turning the world upside down.

He is currently the CEO of HumanWrites, saving the world one wee notebook at a


He works with a contemplative community of faith in the heart of Cape Town but finds truth in
every corner of the world.


He has been featured on TEDx stages numerous times and travels the world preaching less about
religion and more about chaos, leadership, innovation, and trends.


He is an educator at DUKE CE
University and his corporate clients include BMW, KFC, Adcock Ingram, Old Mutual, FNB and others.


He was awarded the Desmond Tutu Gerrit Brand prize in 2017 for best spiritual publication by a
debut author in an official language.


He believes he is the love child of Gertrude Stein and Jason Bourne.


He lives in Cape Town with his wife, two kids, and his iPhone.



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