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Willem Gous

Innovation speaker, team building specialist and author.

Innovation Speaker

Most businesses fail to innovate. The problem? They are trying to innovate the business. Also, they are only trying to innovate one part of a three-part equation. Businesses consist of people, it is the people who make the business. The employees, the suppliers, the customers. 

When you innovate the people within a business you make the business innovative form the  ground up. Innovation becomes part of the DNA.

Keynote speaker Willem Gous has developed a new approach to innovation he calls indivineurship. A process of individual self-discovery brought into a co-creational environment. 

It is ideal for small businesses to corporates of any size. If you need to innovate urgently and need to change people’s perspective of innovation and the role they play in and have quick results, then this keynote is for you. Duration can range from 30-120 minutes.

Teambuilding Specialist

Your employees are your company’s greatest asset. A highly-motivated, 

collaborating team, that runs like a well-oiled machine is worth its weight in gold.

Willem Gous delivers quick and effective team development solutions that raise the game and optimises innovative, positive thinking.

Employees who overcome fear, negative mindsets, and limiting beliefs are eager to tackle their daily responsibilities and deliver sterling work that is a reflection of their true capabilities.


Indivineur is a new, tried and tested approach, to start a business or innovate an existing business. It focuses on individuals, using what YOU have now and combining it with co-creational thinking. 

Minimising risk, maximising opportunity. Opportunity is within you, all around you. You learn how create and innovate new business ideas in a very short space of time. 

You learn to only risk what you are prepared to lose, avoiding big entrepreneur pitfalls. You learn to make data driven decisions for a higher probability of business success instead of letting your emotions guide you.

About Willem Gous, Innovation Speaker, Team Builder and Author

Willem created his own innovation methodology (indivineur) which formed part of his 800-hours of research for his Masters degree dissertation.


He is the author of the book, indivineur – Start a low risk business today, using what you have now


Willem’s business philosophy is counterintuitive.It goes against what training institutions, most business books and even advisors sell.


The dominant thinking is to build businesses where you have to sacrifice everything and rarely, if ever, get something in return.


They hype up the 1 in 10 businesses that do make it and dangle it as a carrot in front of you (Even if you are the one business that made it big, it doesn’t mean you succeeded).


Willem’s mission is to stop this entrepreneurial abuse and bring LIFE back into business.


He believes that every business owner should be rewarded as much as their customers.


Reward shouldn’t be luck … Willem believes it should be part of the DNA of your business.


To deliver on that promise, Willem gives you actionable strategies and tactics that can start immediately so that you can build a successful business and successful life at the same time.


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