July 9, 2018

Stop sharing and start selling

Digital Marketing Training, Jacques de Villiers

You know how they (the digital marketing gurus) say that you have to write content and then distribute it on your social media properties so that you can get click throughs to your website?

And, if you can’t write your own content, they suggest you curate other people’s content (in your field) and send your followers to read their stuff.

Supposedly, this is helpful to your followers and positions you as the expert in your field.

I also send my followers (actually, follower … I may have two now, my daughter and some spammer) to other people’s content.

But there’s no real benefit to me except to position myself as the expert (when last did being an expert curator actually put food on the table for you?). In other words, when last did you actually sell something by sharing someone else’s content?

So, I went searching for a tool that would at least give me a fighting chance to get people back to my website or sign up for something. Hey, even buy something (there’s a concept).

I found something that gives me a fighting chance to stop curating and start selling. I’m excited by it. I think you’ll be excited by it too.

It’s called PopLink.

So, what happens is that when direct folks to someone else’s page, your banner advert pops up on that person’s page.

Case Study (see it in action)

I’ve created one You’ll end up on a page that has one of Etsko Schuitema’s discourses (you should read it, in any case). But, if you glance to your bottom right, you’ll see a little banner inviting you to download my ebook.

Click on it and it will direct you to a sign up page. The exercise is not for you to sign up for the book (although you can if you want). The exercise is for you to see how the pop link works so that you can figure out how to leverage all that time you spend sharing someone else’s content.

The possibilities are endless for you.

You even get statistics as to how your pop link fared.

There’s a little PopLink logo which you can click on to go to the PopLink website (don’t worry, it’s not an affiliate link so I make no money off it).

So, check it out and see how you can apply it to your digital marketing efforts.

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