June 5, 2018

To Build A Team That Works You Need To Challenge It

build a team with Douglas Kruger, Keynote Speaker

To build a team that is great is not the easiest task in the world.

Mike Rowe, creator and presenter of the show ‘Dirty Jobs,’ champions an unusual cause. In a world that often holds varsity degrees as the definitive measure of career success, his MikeRoweWorks Foundation points out that many thousands of manual labour jobs are going begging, many of which are actually extremely well paying.

His group attempts to organise bursaries for people, but requires something of them in return. They are to sign the ‘Sweat Pledge,’ which is ideological in nature, and essentially boils down to: ‘I promise to have an excellent work ethic.’

build a team

It’s a good idea for experts to give away value for free. But often, it’s an even stronger idea to require something of your tribes of followers to motivate them. Behavioural economics teaches us that when people are required to do something proactive, they often become more passionately involved in a cause.

Build A Team

What challenge could you extend to your followers? What could you require of them? Something noble, something challenging, something with emotional appeal? Something that you could roll out over a period of time, with positive long-term results for those who sign up? Naturally, it must be something directly related to your career, industry and positioning goals.

This week, I challenge you to challenge them. Build a team. Create an initiative that stirs something in the soul. You might launch it on social media, or you might go bigger, using radio or TV.

Launch an initiative that requires something of your people, and you will position yourself as a thought leader.

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